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Dear Visitors,
This site is for professionals only. Please, respect this. We DO NOT sell occasional pairs to private buyers. Instead, please visit the retailers or online shops that carry our range of clogs.

A few words about clogs in general and AM™ in particular…
Whether clogs are a Dutch or a Swedish “invention” is an academic question. Instead of arguing, AM™ is contributing to the world peace by producing both typical Swedish and typical Dutch clogs. What’s more – we are taking the clog beyond the realm of traditionalism.

AM-TOFFELN™ began as a clog manufacturing company. Established in 1981, we grew tired of working year after year with two basic colours – black and white – and two basic styles – smiths’ and sling-back. The first step we took was to get rid of coated splits and use real grain leathers instead. We were first in Sweden using Pony and Naplak for clog uppers. We continued with introducing other heels than the standard 50 mm.
The success was instant. Instead of expanding our production capabilities, though, we decided to concentrate on design, marketing and sales of clogs, outsourcing most of the manufacturing to neighbouring subcontractors. Thanks to our good name, we are frequently asked to represent other Swedish and European clog makers. We take upon us such a task only when we are sure that the products are up to the high quality standards required by our customers.

Today AM™ can offer a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from the classical black smith’s clog to the most extreme fashion clogs; from high heel sandals to certified steel-toed working clogs; from the stable stiffness of wooden soles to the full flexibility of PU*. No wonder we call ourselves THE CLOG PROVIDER™

PS. This site doesn’t show our whole range. Please, contact us for AM@Work and for flexible non-stapled PU clogs.